Everybody is looking for talent

Every company is looking for talent. Whether we need to fill a junior-level sales and marketing vacancy or a C-level position, we’re all hoping to find talent. When our founders were working at Google, everyone was seen as a talent. We do not believe people are born with talent, we believe it is something you earn, when you strive to always do better. That’s what we believe talent looks like.



Today, it has even been scientifically proven that talent is something you can obtain through deliberate practice, feedback loops and clear targets. We are looking for the people who will form tomorrow's talent. That’s why we are looking for people at the stage that precedes talent: people with smart habits and growing mindsets, people focused on continual improvement. 


Those are the people we want to work with.

Learning new skills: You have a growth mindset and you always strive to challenge yourself. You never stop working on yourself and learning how to do things better. 

Gratitude and deep relationships: The science behind happiness teaches us that a short-term burst of joy – the kind you get after buying a  new high-tech gadget or receiving a couple of likes on a social media post – will not bring you real happiness, even if it feels good and makes you smile at the time. So what will bring you sustainable happiness? Working with extraordinary people, building deep relationships and using your new skills, together with daily gratitude and appreciation.

Improve and track your progress: Decide on key behaviors for yourself, set targets and track them and use continuous feedback loops to improve your behavior and habits and achieve your goals. 

Imperfect is perfect. Life would be easy if everything went as planned. But nobody’s perfect and everybody has days when projects fail. We want to create an environment in which everybody feels safe and trusted, the kind of environment in which it’s easy to share your mistakes and to laugh at and learn from them. After every crash, NASA dismantles the wrecked equipment to discover which bolt in the design failed. We do the same thing with each of our failures. Because it helps us do better every single day. 

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